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Kyiv, Vita Postova, Zvenigorodska st. 39,

Dnipro, Mechnikova st. 12.


You came to the address if:

  • You would like to install a new electroplating line or your equipment needs reconstruction or automation
  • You need to introduce additional electroplating technology or improve the qualifications of your staff
  • Your process does not produce the expected quality, or the chemistry consumption is too high.
  • Your production capacity is energy-intensive or dangerous for people and the environment.

Metals and polymers coating (AUTSORSING)

From time to time there is a need to process small pieces of parts or get unique textures of individual design items. The scope of such tasks, as a rule, is not worth creating their own capacities. Current galvanic production is not adapted for reconfiguring non-standard tasks.
If this situation arises in your practice, and you need to do the coverage, contact us and we will find a solution together!